As Interim VP of Finance–Americas,  Jocelyn is partnering with business leaders to optimize business decisions and profit during the Covid-19 period of extreme cost pressures, supply shortages and uncertainty.  The role includes providing guidance and oversight of the Americas finance and accounting functions, financial leadership through the mid-year reforecast and strategic plan, and coaching the team to success.

As Commercial Finance Consultant, developed a successful commercial policy, pricing structure and financial strategy for a new entity in Mexico with 105% YoY sales increase since launch.  Converted the retail channel from an unprofitable to profitable segment and ensured customer terms and contracts met profit guidelines.  Managed risk throughout the launch including Covid-19, 25% Peso devaluation, and transition of customers from a non-transparent and underperforming marketing distributor. Lowered tax and boosted returns to the parent company through modeling and implementation of transfer pricing and markup strategies on goods sold.  Supported the design and implementation of a new ERP system from a commercial and financial perspective, to meet both local and complex Corporate accounting requirements.

As Global Finance Consultant, significantly improved the insight and analytics of global sales and other metrics through data architecture, design and implementation of a global data warehouse.  The BI solution provided a meaningful, uniform version of truth through a user-friendly interface. 

As Global Finance Consultant, improved the consistency, visibility and efficiency of tracking major cost impacts within global gross margin through accounting changes, new accounting policy, and improved analytic schedules.
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